Feeling Trapped, Swimming in Circles?

Feeling Trapped, Swimming in Circles?

The New York Times-Business·2024-03-03 06:00

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Drafting an Escape Plan

I have a dead-end job. I don’t make enough to live comfortably, and there’s no opportunity for me to be promoted or gain a raise. I’m looking for something else but finding it really difficult. I am working long hours for little pay, and it’s too much. When I started this job, I learned a lot of different things before I settled into my responsibilities. When my co-workers have a problem, they often ask me because I can help. I am also the only one who knows how to do my specific role. I have asked for help with larger projects, and I get brushed off. I have been told “it only makes sense for you to do this,” on very simple tasks. I am repeatedly told “you’re essential” and “this place would fall apart without you.” But I also know two people used to do my job. I’m stressed all the time, but don’t feel empowered to quit because I don’t have anything else. What can I do?


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