Fire holds off Hong Kong police at protest campus

Fire holds off Hong Kong police at protest campus

AsiaOne-·2019-11-18 08:50

A large fire held off an apparent police advance on the Hong Kong campus where hundreds of pro-democracy protesters were holed up early Monday, hours after officers warned they may use "live rounds" if confronted by deadly weapons in a dangerous escalation of the near six-month crisis engulfing the city.

Protests have rocked the global financial hub since June, with many in the city of 7.5 million people venting fury at eroding freedoms under Chinese rule.

China has repeatedly warned that it will not tolerate the dissent, and there have been concerns that Beijing could send in troops to put an end to the spiralling unrest.


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Wang yau sen 22/11/2019

yes .you will get criticised for sending the force in. Esp. fr trouble maker USA and UK. but if you don't than these rioters think that they had empower the government sending the force is not to hurt them but to support the morale of the small Hong Kong police force to overcome the great amount of rioters around the whole island.! they need the manpower to support them it too tiring for them to combat the rioters round the clock. At the same time give confident to the public so that they had the spirit to move forward to assist . As you observe , they wouldn't dare to stop the rioters from assaulting the people in the public ?? not United. how to improve. please reconsidered. Good Luck

Reply 22/11/2019

Hong Kong will become Island country.....😇😇😇😇


OOP!! reply 22/11/2019

Empress Carrie is fiddling on Victoria Peak while Hongkong is burning. Modern history. 😃😃😃