Good news! Singapore reports ZERO community cases for the first time since 1 June!

Good news! Singapore reports ZERO community cases for the first time since 1 June!

Channel NewsAsia - SG·2020-08-14 16:01

SINGAPORE: Singapore reported 83 new COVID-19 infections as of noon on Friday (Aug 14), including four imported cases, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

This brings the country's total to 55,580.

There were no cases reported in the community. This is the first time since Jun 1 that Singapore has not had a community cases. 

The vast majority of Friday's reported infections are work permit holders currently under quarantine, the MOH said in its preliminary daily update.


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Watching U 18/08/2020

Ooooo ! thank God we are not going to dieeeeeee ! thank Hungry ghost too


可可里 16/08/2020

Hope this virus can end fast and if not more and more people will surfer


Watching U reply 可可里 18/08/2020

well malaysia just open its borders n announce they hv found a new 10 times stronger virus heee


milc 16/08/2020

hahahah ..who justify this cases? any watch dog external party assist to verify ..I more concern on the 50k plus cases and how that number is affect our reputation in the global scale ...


Watching U reply milc 18/08/2020

lets ask johnhopskin univercity ! as WHO is busy with other things !


Little Neko 15/08/2020

Don’t worry the virus is only giving us a short break, we let our guard down and that’s when it will strike back


Flying Dragon 15/08/2020

you know india is high cases, why keep letting them in. import cases will be endless if you keep letting them in.


Watching U reply Flying Dragon 18/08/2020

well fast lane biz n debt to collect heee slow lane go sth or 14 days ....