Heng swee keat gives puzzling speech, keeps repeating “east coast”

Heng swee keat gives puzzling speech, keeps repeating “east coast”

Singapore Uncensored·7.9k views·2020-07-01 00:00

Source: Heng Swee Keat Facebook

Take a shot every time you hear the word East Coast.

Ahead of the General Election 2020, Mr Heng Swee Keat gave a speech at St Anthony’s Canossian Primary, where he gave a bizarre speech which left many netizens bewildered and scratching their heads.

Here is a short transcript:

“…for our East Coast residence, the- we also have a plan for the East Coast.”

“We have a- East Coast- Singapore- we have a- together- an East Coast plan.”

“We care at East Coast.”

“So we look forward to working closely together with our residents, to enable the East Coast and the whole of Singapore to emerge from this stronger.”

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Wen Lee 09/07/2020

noted that..... noted......


Fengying 07/07/2020

Nowadays ministers stress become public are not easily smooth talk by them a few of them already make mistakes like LHY is our prime minister,cotton come from sheep believe he sleeps also think of East Coast too.


Chan Armagedon 04/07/2020

this is the Omen that PAP will fail in E.C. !


chillchill 03/07/2020

airborne stone not yet recover from shock the east coast plan is no plan


Userg88c 03/07/2020

We are voting for the one of our choice and there’s no need to curse the one whose standing for election. To those who like to curse others, be aware of this and its real! The curse you throw at others will be returned to you. That’s what my elders said.