Ho Ching Criticizes Kinderland's No-Personal-Device Policy Amid Child Abuse Allegations

Ho Ching Criticizes Kinderland's No-Personal-Device Policy Amid Child Abuse Allegations

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In a recent Facebook post, Ho Ching voiced her concerns about Kinderland Preschool’s decision to implement a no-personal-device policy during teaching hours following allegations of child abuse. The prominent figure argues that this policy is “seriously wrong” and suggests an alternative approach to ensure child safety.

Alleged Child Abuse Sparks Controversy, Ho Ching Speaks Up

On September 2, 2023, Ho Ching took to social media to express her deep concerns regarding Kinderland Preschool’s response to alleged cases of child abuse within its premises. This comes in the wake of disturbing revelations made by a former teacher who admitted to filming abuse incidents with her husband’s device.

Ho Ching’s Call for a Whistleblower System

Instead of implementing a no-personal-device policy, Ho Ching insists that preschools and childcare providers should establish a robust whistleblower system and process. She emphasizes the vulnerability of young children and the need to prioritize their safety and security.

Ho Ching Questioning the Motives Behind the Policy

Ho Ching raises an important question about the intentions behind Kinderland’s no-personal-device policy. She wonders if the policy is an attempt to “cover up the embarrassment” arising from the recent scandal or to prevent future instances of video evidence being recorded.

Support for the Teacher’s Actions

Ho Ching believes that the teacher who filmed the abuse videos did the right thing, especially as a “last resort” to expose the misconduct after her principal failed to address her concerns adequately. However, she also emphasizes that the principal should be held accountable for not taking appropriate action.

Reporting Procedures for Child Abuse

Ho Ching outlines a comprehensive reporting procedure for child abuse cases, starting with reporting to the kindergarten management and escalating the matter to regulatory agencies, such as the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), the police, the Ministry of Education (MOE), and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

Ho Ching Calls for a Pledge and Code of Conduct

In another post, Ho Ching calls for all preschool staff to adopt a pledge and code of conduct similar to professional nurses in Singapore. She suggests that this code should guide the practices of everyone involved in pre-school services, from contract staff to principals, and from operator management to regulator staff.

Kinderland’s Perspective

Source: Kinderland Singapore

Kinderland responded to the controversy with a statement emphasizing that their no-personal-device policy aims to ensure that teachers remain focused on their students and maintain their privacy. The policy allows exceptions for reporting peculiar situations and emergencies.

In conclusion, Ho Ching’s critique of Kinderland’s no-personal-device policy raises crucial questions about child safety and the appropriate response to allegations of abuse.

Her call for a whistleblower system and code of conduct reflects a growing concern for the well-being of children in educational settings. The Kinderland controversy highlights the importance of balancing privacy and security while addressing issues of child safety.

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