How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

The New York Times-Arts·2023-01-27 06:02

This weekend I have … an hour, and I like sunshine.


Charles Edwards, left, and Rebecca Gibney star in “Under the Vines.” Credit...Jae Frew/AcornTV

‘Under the Vines’When to watch: Now, onAcorn TV.

If you like the fish-out-of-water setups of “Schitt’s Creek” and a good chunk of made-for-TV Christmas movies, but you want something more substantial, try this warm ensemble dramedy. Lewis and Daisy (Charles Edwards and Rebecca Gibney) both think they’re the sole heir to a lush New Zealand vineyard — bequeathed by his uncle, her stepfather — only to discover that they are instead the shared “soul heirs,” and the vineyard might not be as lucrative as they thought. Sun-soaked high jinks ensue. The six-episode first season makes for a happy binge, and the first two episodes of Season 2 are available now, with new episodes arriving on Mondays.

… several hours, and I love the ’90s.


Jessica Prunell in a scene from the 1990 adaptation of “The Baby-Sitters Club.” Credit...HBO

‘The Baby-Sitters Club’When to watch: Now, on Roku, Tubi or Freevee.

In recent years, Netflix aired two seasons of a well-liked modern adaptation of the “Baby-Sitters Club” books by Ann M. Martin, but if you thrive on the low-definition, high-earnestness children’s programming of yesteryear, watch this earlier version from 1990. Everything is as you would expect: Our young heroines spend their days supporting one another’s passions, agonizing over crushes and familial strife, eating pizza and indeed occasionally babysitting. Prepare to experience profound phantom scrunchie syndrome while reveling in the show’s surprisingly jazzy theme song. There are 13 episodes, and different platforms have them in different orders.


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