How to combat Covid-19 stress

How to combat Covid-19 stress

AsiaOne-·2020-08-14 14:07

Registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, Grace Zhu, resident life coach at SANGHA tells BLLNR how to combat daily stress brought on from the global pandemic.

The World Health Organisation has stated that the current global situation is generating more stress and anxiety for people – would you agree with this?

Absolutely. I think stress and anxiety are becoming the top threats to well-being, and more and more people are suffering from it, both mentally and physically.


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Blund 16/08/2020

Do exercises at home


Teobehpio 15/08/2020

Stay at home and bob floor go out ware mask


spv 15/08/2020

how to combat COVID stress?


ho cheng guan 15/08/2020

open geylang


nestiafan 15/08/2020

stay safe everyone