I Would Be Lost Without My Mom Bestie

I Would Be Lost Without My Mom Bestie

Scary Mommy - Tweens·2022-05-25 17:04

It’s 8:53am and I have just dropped my daughter off at preschool. I put the baby in her seat, buckle up, and wait. Exactly eight minutes later, one of us makes the call. My best friend, now done dropping her daughter at school, is also in her car. Time for our morning recap.

What follows is a back-and-forth brain-dump filled with mindless conversation and emotional unloadings. Not much has happened since we last spoke – the morning prior at the latest, but likely texts from the afternoon or night before. Sometimes I drive right past my street because this morning therapy is too important to be cut short. My bestie and I, we trade stories, solve problems, and make observations. We understand each other. A true, real, raw, holy-shit-me-too kind of understanding. And without it – without her – I think I would lose it.


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