Insta360 One R update brings Horizon Lock, Car Multiview and 'dashcam' mode (VIDEO)

Insta360 One R update brings Horizon Lock, Car Multiview and 'dashcam' mode (VIDEO)

Malay Mail Online - Tech/Gadget·2021-05-24 15:08

You can now get loads of new features with the latest major firmware update for the Insta360 One R. — SoyaCincau pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — The Insta360 One R is a rather versatile action camera that allows you to easily swap lenses. If you own one, you can now get loads of new features with the latest major firmware update. This includes new recording features, improved picture quality and new AI-powered editing options.

The update is now available through the One R firmware, Instagram app (iOS and Android) and Studio Desktop software (Windows and Mac).

For an epic recording of action scenes, the new update introduces Horizon Lock for the 4K and 1″ mod. Even in shaky situations, the feature ensures that your footage stays upright and level when you record in Pro video mode (FlowState Stabilisation) at 30fps. You can also access the horizon leveling for full rotation in a single axis with 360° Horizon Lock.

There are other cool editing features as well which include Horizon Flip which mirror your surroundings in the sky for a “futuristic effect”. If you ride on a bike, there’s also a new “Overtaker” feature which lets you capture your vehicle overtaking moments in a video-game style template.

Insta360 also introduces a new loop recording feature and this mode essentially turns the One R into a dashcam. It allows you to record continuously without stopping for a maximum length of 30 minutes. The new update also brings a new 4K 50fps option which can be enabled in Pro video mode and is applicable for the 4K and 1″ mod.

For better picture quality, the update also offers a new vivid colour profile for the 1″ mod and it is designed to offer more vibrant colours straight out of the camera. If you always take the camera for your underwater adventures, there’s now AquaVision 2.0 which performs the necessary colour corrections to make the colours appear more vivid and realistic.

Also new is a Car MultiView feature which is useful for road trips or carpool karaoke. This allows you to have a split-screen view of the road in front of you and the car’s interior. Other updates include the ability for timeshift videos to automatically speed up to 6x before it’s saved and improved audio recording quality with external mics.

Insta360 has also announced that its Bluetooth-enabled Roadie Remote accessory is now available. This little car accessory allows you to control the One R camera without taking your hands off the wheel. — SoyaCincau


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