International Malaysian Artist Mishell Leong to Unveil New Art Collection in Singapore in Conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2020 6  

International Malaysian Artist Mishell Leong to Unveil New Art Collection in Singapore in Conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2020 6  

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Emerging international artist Mishell Leong is partnering with Royal Plaza on Scotts to launch her new collection of paintings in Singapore for the first time from Tuesday 14 January – Thursday 30 March 2020, which includes her largest ever painting – in conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2020.

The new artworks are being kept firmly under wraps until their unveiling. All the art world knows is that the new collection is inspired from her Botanical Art range, and will include one huge and dynamic piece dramatically bigger than anything she has ever painted before!  Each painting will also continue to reflect her signature vibrancy and love of life, creating conversation and bringing joy.

“To launch my new artworks at Royal Plaza on Scotts in Singapore is a real honour. Being my home for the last nine years, this garden city has been a major part of my creative growth and an integral part of who I am as an artist today. It seems fitting that I am unveiling my newest collection here and what will be my largest ever artwork! I am excited by the challenge,” commented Mishell.

Continuing on the Botanical theme, each painting will draw from her childhood days in lush, tropical Malaysia. They will retain a personal theme, delving even deeper into her emotions and influences from her early years, incorporating the raw beauty of nature.

Mishell’s new collection will be displayed in the Lobby of Royal Plaza on Scotts – entry is free. Make an appointment with Mishell to have a personalised Artist tour and in-depth explanation of the story and inspiration behind each piece of her painting.

To discover more about Mishell Leong’s art, visit her website or check out her Facebook Page and Instagram Page

Mishell is a life expressionist passionate about expressing her love for life in vivid colours, on canvas. Growing up in a traditional Asian family in Malaysia, it was always expected Mishell would have a 'proper' job.

After spending 15 years studying and forging a career in Accountancy in the UK and Europe, she was offered an opportunity to return East to settle in Singapore with her husband. After close to two years of being in finance, she found herself, without a job and two months pregnant.

During this time of change, she kept experiencing a dream with red poppies, set in a background of a fiery red and yellow sunset. On a friend’s suggestion, she brought this vision to life through art. As her first brushstroke touched the canvas, her soul awakened, and a hidden passion was unleashed.

Today, she is a self-taught artist who loves using bold, vibrant colours to communicate her inspirations and messages. She believes she is liberated from the constraints of traditional techniques and preconceptions of what and how art should be.

Her simple brushstrokes have created diverse collections including Happiness, Botanicals, Watercolours and Sensual Art.

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