Interstellar movie is in theory just over one hour old

Interstellar movie is in theory just over one hour old

LADbible - Entertainment·2023-09-28 18:00

Interstellar is just one of those films that will go down in cinematic history for its scientific accuracy, dazzling cast of Hollywood A-listers and all-round captivating plot lines thanks to the genius of Christopher Nolan.

Now, while many of us have probably watched the sci-fi adventure flick, starring the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Timothée Chalamet, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, and Michael Caine, countless times - few of us are yet to accurately wrap our heads around Instellar's baffling time theory.

The theory in question would mean that the movie, first released back in 2014, is just a little over an hour old.

Brain hurting? Don't worry - mine is too.

In case you need your memory jogging, the movie's plot follows the life of farmer and ex-NASA pilot, Joseph Cooper (McConaughey), who is tasked to pilot a spacecraft, along with a team of researchers, to find a new planet for humans after Earth becomes uninhabitable in the future.

Now, any film buffs out there will know that the time theory in Instellar is known as 'time dilation', which is depicted as spending one hour on a planet while seven years pass on Earth.

The theory brings to light the fascinating concept of time slowing down under the influence of a strong gravitational field.

After the group of astronauts pass through the wormhole, they decide to land on Dr. Miller's ocean planet.

Miller's planet orbits Gargantua - the mammoth black hole that exists in the unknown galaxy which has a pretty hardcore gravitational pull.

Now, due to the mega gravitational pull, 'every hour on that planet is seven years on Earth' - something the crew find out themselves after a tidal wave crashed into their spacecraft delaying their exit.

And it was a fairly major delay given that 23 years passed on Earth during the whole ordeal.

The issue of time was such a huge issue that the crew had to 'think of time as a resource, just like food or oxygen'.

So, if the box-office smash first hit our screens in the UK on 7 November 2014 - then it would have turned an official one hour old on 7 November 2021 if we're going by Interstellar time.

And, now that we're in 2023, the film would only be a tad over the one hour mark despite it being part of the cinematic hall of fame for nine Earth years.

I guess time really is just a construct after all.


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