Jordanian Fashion Designer Adorns Face Masks with Crystals

Jordanian Fashion Designer Adorns Face Masks with Crystals

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT·2020-03-14 15:37

A Jordanian fashion designer is adding a sparkle to face masks to encourage people on wearing them amid deepening concerns over the spread of coronavirus.Samia Alzakleh adds colorful crystals to raise awareness on the importance of taking the necessary safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease.Earlier this month, Jordanian authorities announced that only one man had been diagnosed with coronavirus, but Samia believes that people have to be careful.The masks are not 100 percent medical, but they can be placed over a real mask, she told Reuters.The designer has given her masks to influencers and celebrities, who have shared images of themselves wearing them on social media to encourage other people on putting them.Alzakeh said some loved the idea, but the masks have garnered some criticism for capitalizing on an illness. "My goal wasn't to focus on the illness and the mask, my goal was simply an artistic one," she noted.A single mask requires hundreds of crystals and takes more than three hours to complete.


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