Kind SBS bus driver shields passengers & elderly man from rain

Kind SBS bus driver shields passengers & elderly man from rain

Singapore Uncensored·2020-09-17 00:00

Source: sgfollowsall

A video on a kind act was uploaded on the Instagram page sgfollowsall which shows how an SBS bus driver sheltered passengers and an elderly man from the rain.

Here is the full story.

It was then I (n my friends seated behind me) noticed not so an usual sight. An umbrella was held high up, almost reaching the upper deck window, when the bus stopped at a bus-stop to pick passengers. It must be a very tall man holding the umbrella, so we thought. The same thing happened on the next bus-stop and the next. We then realised what was happening. The bus captain left his seat, took his umbrella n sheltered it for passengers boarding his bus!! N he did that at every bus-stop. For so many years, I take public bus, I never encounter such a thoughtful act. Usually I (n most of us) will just run from the bus-stop and literally jumping onto the bus, getting wet even for that few seconds run.

At 1 particular stop, when the distance from the bus and the bus-stop was a bit far, the bus captain left the bus and held the umbrella for each and every passengers. How sweet was that!! U can see from the photo below.

We talked a bit with the bus captain when the bus reached Woodlands Interchange. He said he had been doing that for years. “A win-win situation, the passengers don’t get wet, n so is the bus” he smiled.


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Userenr1 20/09/2020

Only S’pore bus 🚌 Drivers would do such deeds coz it’s their countrymen.... try asking a china 🇨🇳 man n u get scolded in cina


chapter5 18/09/2020

good job bus captain, we need more kind ppl like u to promote SG care, to show the world we are not only an educated society but cultered as well.👍👍👍👏👏👏


Ken Ong6664 17/09/2020

acting only!! soon will get promoted and salary increment!! Don't fall his tricks! He knew people will take photo or video to share on social media.....pui!!


David Yeung 17/09/2020

Respect for bus driver


Sally T S K 17/09/2020

have a kind hearted , good job