Kinderland Preschool Principal Removed Amid Alleged Abuse Cases Investigation

Kinderland Preschool Principal Removed Amid Alleged Abuse Cases Investigation

theAsianparent - Education·2023-09-14 07:03

The preschool principal of Kinderland Preschool at Woodlands Mart has been removed from her duties following allegations of child mistreatment at the centre.

Preschool Principal Under Investigation

Kinderland Singapore announced on Thursday that the preschool principal had been removed from her duties, pending an investigation by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and their own internal disciplinary inquiry.

Furthermore, ECDA has indicated that further action may be taken if the principal and operator are found not to have fulfilled their duty of care to the children.

Allegations of Child Mistreatment

The removal of the preschool principal comes after a former teacher, Lin Min, was charged with ill-treating a 23-month-old child at the centre.

Significantly, she allegedly forced the child to lie down and poured water into her mouth. Subsequently, this incident, along with videos of Lin Min rough-handling other children, sparked outrage among parents and the public.

Kinderland’s Response and Measures

Source: Kinderland Singapore

In response to the outrage, Kinderland Singapore issued a public apology regarding the videos’ distressing impact. They reassured parents of ongoing monitoring of affected children’s well-being and pledged counseling and extra support for affected class parents.

To prevent future recurrences, Kinderland revealed plans to expand closed-circuit television cameras. These cameras will now cover all classrooms and children’s activity areas.

They also pledged to manage the mental health of new and current teachers with weekly and monthly meet-up sessions with the principal. An extra point of contact has been set up for parents to directly contact centres and headquarters on any matters.

New Policies to Safeguard Children’s Privacy

In a subsequent statement, Kinderland Singapore announced a new policy preventing staff members from using personal devices during teaching hours. This is aimed at preventing the misuse of photos and videos of children.

Instead, company-issued devices will handle all parent communications. This includes photo and video sharing via a Pre-School Management App. This highlights Kinderland’s dedication to child privacy and safety assurance.

Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment for Our Children

It is truly disheartening to hear about incidents of child mistreatment, especially in an educational setting. Basically, it reminds us of the importance of thorough screening, training, and oversight of teachers and administrators in preschools. Hence, we must continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of our children, holding individuals and institutions accountable for their actions.

If you suspect any kind of child mistreatment, it is crucial to report it immediately to the appropriate authorities. Together, we can create a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

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