Liverpool must do everything to keep Pep Lijnders, but Arsenal are a Jürgen Klopp warning

Liverpool must do everything to keep Pep Lijnders, but Arsenal are a Jürgen Klopp warning

Liverpool Echo Sports·2021-08-13 14:00

Something Liverpool fans will never want to think about is life without Jürgen Klopp at the helm at Anfield, but with a contract that runs out in 2024, is Klopp's trusted number two Pep Lijnders in first place to take the German's place?Dutchman Lijnders left the Reds in January 2018 to pursue his dream of being a manager as he took charge at NEC Nijmegen, but things didn't go to plan and Lijnders returned to Liverpool six months later to take over as Klopp's number two. Comparisons between Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Lijnders can be drawn, with the Spaniard having been a number two under Pep Guardiola during his time at Manchester City.It's not something Liverpool fans want to think about but there will be a time where Klopp will feel his work at Anfield is done, and he will surely do everything in his power to help the owners appoint who he thinks is the best man to take over his role at Liverpool.Read MoreRelated ArticlesRead MoreRelated ArticlesIt is impossible to replace the man who has done so much for the club: it makes me think of when Liverpool had to try and replace Steven Gerrard.Someone who has done so much for the club, as Gerrard had, makes it very difficult for their successor to come in and carry the mantle.Jordan Henderson will go down as possibly the greatest captain in Liverpool's long history after lifting the Champions League and the long-awaited Premier League trophy. He is widely regarded as the captain of captains in the Premier League as he spearheaded the footballer's donation to the NHS. Henderson didn't replace Gerrard, he became an inspiration to many in his own right. Perhaps this is a path Lijnders could follow in the managerial hot-seat.In the latest podcast, James Martin spoke of the similarities between Lijnders and Arteta, who has gone from Man City's number two to Arsenal manager: "Mikel Arteta, I do like. He gets some stick but there are some signs that maybe hes putting in some building blocks and its hard making that step from assistant manager to manager. "We saw Pep Lijnders try it to no great success and then he just came back to Liverpool. That doesnt change the fact that he is very good as a coach and could have the potential to go on to be a very good manager. "Arsenal are clearly very committed to giving Arteta that time and I think he will grow into the role this season and there are some good players at his disposal, so they could push on."That is not to say that Arteta will work wonders, but patience is required when committing to a manager whose track record consists solely of a strong spell as an assistant. Klopp and some of Liverpool's key players have previously spoken highly of Lijnders, who often leads training sessions for the Reds while implementing his own ideas showing how much trust Klopp has in his number two.Read MoreRelated ArticlesRead MoreRelated ArticlesThe Dutchman particularly champions the way full-backs Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold get forward and join in the attacks. He even went as far as calling Robertson's goal in the Champions League group stages two seasons ago, assisted by Alexander-Arnold, the perfect goal. Manchester United were left with the task of replacing Sir Alex Ferguson once he retired in 2013 and they have not won the Premier League since his departure.The ex-United boss was keen for his club to bring in Klopp but he was happy at Borussia Dortmund, so United turned to Everton boss David Moyes and we all know how that turned out.Liverpool will not want to make the same mistake, and appointing someone who has been at the club for a number of years and is more than familiar with the way the players and the recruitment team like to work may be key to success being consistent at Anfield once Klopp has departed. Like Arsenal and Arteta, though, patience may well be required with Pep Lijnders.Read MoreRelated ArticlesRead MoreRelated Articles


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