Local guy keeps “receiving” calls from adele

Local guy keeps “receiving” calls from adele

Singapore Uncensored·1.4k views·2020-07-01 00:00

Source: Screenshot from Adele Youtube/Bryan Hudgens Facebook

Remember the dude who thanked a girl for accidentally knocking into him?

Well, he’s back again.

This time with a spoof video about Adele’s hit song Hello, where he keeps “receiving” phone calls from Adele.

The video starts off with Adele “singing to him over the phone”.

Adele (A): “Hello~”

Bryan (B): “HELLO?!”

A: “It’s me~”

B: “Siape kau?!” (which means “who are you” in Malay)

A: “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet~”

B: “Kau nak ape babi?” (which translates to “what you want fatty?”)

A: “Helloooo~”


A: “Can you hear me~?”

B: “AH!”

A: “I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be~”

B: “I thought you stay in Clementi?”

By the way, we just noticed – he’s pretending to use an iPod Touch as a phone. (LOL)

Bloody hell Bryan, you’ve won the internet.

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Sheryl 02/07/2020



Thanga Prakash 01/07/2020

Local guys getting calls from a celebrity, may be a fake call some prabk


Axi Mavin reply Thanga Prakash 04/07/2020

Possible too! Maybe wrong number BUT happy to reach the lucky person?


David Yeung 01/07/2020

Interesting conversation. Beware of scam out there. Also avoid providing personal info


clim1 01/07/2020

Okay thanks noted


slim22 01/07/2020

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