Lost Continent on Earth, The North Atlantic Craton, Was Found By Geologists

Lost Continent on Earth, The North Atlantic Craton, Was Found By Geologists

Dual Dove·2020-03-23 00:54

The same process that is currently splitting the Arabian Peninsula from East Africa broke the North Atlantic Craton into multiple pieces 150 million years ago. Geologists have recently found a new former section of the NAC that completes the ancient puzzle with an important fragment found on southern Baffin Island, Canada. It’s the proof of an Earth’s lost continent.A sample of Kimberlite was found. Kimberlite is a famous magmatic rock, which means it formed through the cooling and solidification of magma. Kimberlite rocks are millions of years old, and one has to dig as deep as 90, in not 640 miles. Its fame comes from the part it plays in diamond exploration.Back in 1869, when the famous diamond Star of South Africa was found in Kimberley, South Africa, it was embedded in magmatic rock. The Star of South Africa created a diamond rush, and the magmatic rock got baptized Kimberlite, from the name of the town.Geologists found a lost continent on Earth, the North Atlantic CratonThe sample was found in Baffin Island’s Chidliak kimberlite province by geologists working for Peregrine Diamonds, a Canada-based mineral exploration company. In 2018 Peregrine Diamonds were acquired by De Beers. De Beers is a diamond retail giant currently owning the Chidliak mining project.They gave the sample to the University of British Columbia, and geologist Maya Kopylova discovered that the sample comes from the ancient North Atlantic Craton and that it expended to Canada.“We can now understand and map not only the uppermost skinny layer of Earth that makes up one percent of the planet’s volume, but our knowledge is literally and symbolically deeper,” said Koplyova.De Beers now loaned the sample to the University of British Columbia. They hope that, after all the geological and historical knowledge the sample helped being put in place, the scientists from UBC will share some knowledge about the depth the diamondiferous mantle hides most of the diamonds.Tanya is an expert in reddit and health subjects. She finds good stories where no one ever thinks to look.


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