Love Island’s Amy Hart freezing eggs at 27 after revealing early menopause fear

Love Island’s Amy Hart freezing eggs at 27 after revealing early menopause fear - Entertainment·898 views·2020-01-17 14:03

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Amy Hart is ‘definitely’ going to freeze her eggs in March after the former Love Island contestant revealed that fear of early menopause was driving the decision.

The former air hostess appeared on Loose Women on Friday when she opened up about a recent ‘fertility MOT’ that had confirmed her fears after her mum, gran and aunt all went through the menopause in their early 40s, with her mother having all her children by the age of 25.

With the check-up and internal exam showing Amy that her eggs were healthy, the factor used to estimate how long she’d be fertile for were less good.

‘It was 8.5, so I’m thinking lovely, result,’ she said.

‘Turns out it’s out of six and 20, so it is actually quite low for my age.’

Like egg freezing itself, the MOT is not a guarantee and may not work, but given her family history, Amy felt it was the right time to do freeze her eggs and will ‘definitely’ do it in March, suggesting she would use a sperm donor if she wasn’t in a relationship when the time came for her to want a child.

Amy’s mum had all her children by the age of 25 (Picture: ITV)

‘I’m not going to live my life by some man I meet,’ she said.

Despite it being a lengthy and difficult process, Amy showed that she was ready to go through the procedure, and explained her reasoning when panellist Kaye Adams asked if she needed to ‘chill out and let go’ rather than worrying about her fertility at the age of 27.

‘I did always think, “I can do whatever I want. My 20s are for me, my 30s are for having kids, lovely”’, she said. ‘But then you realise, that’s not actually my decision, it’s my body’s decision.’

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She continued: ‘I would love to meet someone, get married, have kids naturally. That’s my dream idea. But if that doesn’t happen, I’ve got my insurance policy, which isn’t even an insurance policy because it might not even work.’

Loose Women returns weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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