Love Island’s Iain Stirling slams Connor’s ‘toxic masculinity’ after heated chat: ‘He was talking to Sophie through gritted teeth’

Love Island’s Iain Stirling slams Connor’s ‘toxic masculinity’ after heated chat: ‘He was talking to Sophie through gritted teeth’ - Entertainment·854 views·2020-01-16 14:29

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The voiceover host has hot out at Connor’s behaviour (Picture: ITV)

Love Island’s Iain Stirling has slammed Connor Durman’s ‘toxic’ behaviour exclaiming ‘it’s not a nice trait’.

The voice-over host opened up about the Love Island contestants to Roman Kemp after Connor and Sophie Piper had a heated discussion on Wednesday night.

Speaking on Thursday’s Capital Breakfast Radio, Roman commented: ‘One person I want to talk about as well, Connor, because he was a bit upset last night with Sophie’s reaction to the new boys.’

It’s not the first time Connor has had words with Sophie because, during the very first episode, the 25-year-old accused the medical PA of ‘digging him out’ in front of the other islanders.

Iain responded: ‘He gets a bit angry very quickly, doesn’t he? He was talking to Sophie last night through gritted veneers.

Connor does not look happy about Sophie’s date (Picture: ITV Picture Desk)

How will things play out for the couple? (Picture: ITV Picture Desk)

‘I think there’s a little bit of sort-of toxic masculinity going on there a bit, man, it’s not a nice trait, and it’s a trait that a lot of men demonstrate and it’s a thing that a lot of men need to work on.’

Love Island host and Iain’s girlfriend Laura Whitmore has also noticed Connor’s behaviour as she took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Wednesday night.

She tweeted: ‘What’s Connor’s problem – he’s so touchy all the time?’

In a first-look of tonight’s episode, things are set to get even worse for Connor, following the arrivals of newbies Connagh Howard and Finley Tapp.

The new arrivals will get to enjoy a romantic date with the girl of their choice, and it just so happens that Connagh picks Sophieand Finley chooses Siânnise Fudge.

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As Connor waits for Sophie to come back from her date, he says of his reaction to the situation: ‘I’m a little bit [stressed]. Only because, it’ll just be interesting to see what they’re like. I did come across a bit childish.’

He later adds: ‘Obviously I want Sophie to be happy, but we had a good thing going. I’m excited to see her and see what she’s saying. It’s just hard isn’t it? But if she’s more happy with someone else then I’d rather her be happy with someone better suited.’

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

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