Love Island fans obsessed with old Connor’s face at seeing new Connagh snogging Sophie

Love Island fans obsessed with old Connor’s face at seeing new Connagh snogging Sophie - Entertainment·170 views·2020-01-16 22:17

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Connor needs to work on his poker face (Picture: ITV)

Love Island fans were in hysterics to see Connor Durman’s face when his couple, Sophie Piper ended up snogging new boy Connagh Howard during a game.

In a game of beer pong dares, the contestants were tasked with picking others to snog in answer to questions on the bottom of the cups.

Connagh’s dare was to snog the two Islanders he would have a threesome with, and he went for Siannise Fudge and Sophie.

New Connagh chose Sophie as one of his picks, and leant in for a steamy smooch – but it didn’t go down well with Connor, who had a face like thunder as he watched them snog.

He told the camera afterwards: ‘I watched about half a second of it and looked the other way, because if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.’

Connor told Sophie: ‘Someone asked me if it bothered me, and I said no it didn’t bother me. We’re in here having fun and that’s all part of it.

‘And I don’t want to be this psycho kid that kicks off about stupid s**t. That’s not me at all.’

Connor when Connagh was lipsing Sophie #LoveIsland

— Lit wid it. (@Bl_asian_doll) January 16, 2020

*Sophie and Connagh kiss*

Connor: #LoveIsland

— Reuben.S 🇺🇬 (@_Reuben_S) January 16, 2020

Connor saying his happy for Sophie #LoveIsland

— ellie (@ellie57770971) January 16, 2020

Connor is going to actually explode isn't he #LoveIsland

— Natalie Guest (@natalieguest12) January 16, 2020

Despite Sophie wanting to stick with old Connor, he pulled new Connaugh to one side for ‘a chat’ to discuss where their heads were at after the kiss.

He told Connagh: ‘Obviously I’ve only just met you and you’ve got no loyalties to me but I just wanted to see where your head’s at with the whole Soph thing.’

Connor has been coupled up with Sophie so far (Picture: ITV)

Connagh chose Sophie as one of his dates (Picture: Rex Features)

Connagh admitted that he finds Sophie attractive, and that while she had admitted she was happy she had told him it was still early days in her couple.

Sophie had earlier been chosen by Connagh to go on a date with him, but had still decided her original Connor was the one for her.

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Connagh had also chosen Shaughna Phillips for his second date, and the London lass soon set her eyes on him, comparing him to ‘Anthony Joshua’s brother’.

With a recoupling looming, there’s everything to play for as anyone who isn’t chosen in the next episode will be booted from the island.

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