Lovely Taiwan jie jie say she one night want piak piak 4-5 times with BF

Lovely Taiwan jie jie say she one night want piak piak 4-5 times with BF

Singapore Uncensored·2021-03-05 17:01


non Finance, non loan, non property, non banking, non credit card

Source: Youtube

A Taiwanese girl was spotted being interviewed on the streets of Taiwan and she stated that she piak piak with her boyfriend 4-5 times in a night.


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Userfqak 08/03/2021

Sia suay


Alicia Tan3288 07/03/2021

please use proper English!


Userfqak reply Alicia Tan3288 08/03/2021

You change your surname first


Alicia Tan3288 reply Userfqak 08/03/2021

If every writer uses improper English, it will affect the Singaporeans' quality of English. Don't forget there may be foreigners living in Singapore who may be reading the news too! Don't lash at people with good intentions!


timeispriceless reply Alicia Tan3288 08/03/2021

let him be.Slingish is part of Singapore culture,with so many foreigners around we need our own identity. sia suay is disgraceful i explain to you in case you don't know


Alicia Tan3288 reply timeispriceless 10/03/2021

Singlish is not an. international language! Don't lower the standard of English in Singapore! National identity cannot be built on poor command of English! I understand Singlish but I am not proud of it! Are. you saying our Ministers. and president should use Singlish to communicate with the foreign dignitaries?


Userfqak reply Alicia Tan3288 10/03/2021

You sia suay anyway you got no quality you don't know meh go to call and lick your english father and mother assholes first la


kingshani 06/03/2021

The holevisvtiny or the stick is thin and short


Userh8uq 06/03/2021

Her parents come to know this must be very shameful Sai suay his family. Not shameful at all must be very thick skin can his boyfriend face must be Ang mo or black


Dunga 06/03/2021

wan to piak piak no need to tell only wen rape rape then tell hor..