Lupin: Netflix Star Explains Why He Wanted Iconic Role

Lupin: Netflix Star Explains Why He Wanted Iconic Role

Comic Book·2021-01-20 16:01

The star of Netflix’s hit seriesLupin explained why he wanted that role specifically. Omar Sy is French and that heavily factored into his decision. The X-Men: Days of Future Past star spoke to The New York Times about the streaming smash-hit. For those who don’t know, Arsene Lupin is a character from Maurice Leblanc’s series of tales. The fictional thief provides both the metatextual inspiration for the show and proves to be a catalyst for Sy’s character Assane Diop. When the young man becomes orphaned, he takes refuge in the amazing heists that run through Leblanc’s pages. 1907 might feel like an ancient starting point for a series, but the airwaves have been serving up versions of this classic character for decades. For people like Sy, Lupin is emblematic of his country and a hook to draw people in as well. Being a man with a thousand faces would greatly intrigue any actor.


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