Man jump off from 3rd storey after he lost control of his emotions

Man jump off from 3rd storey after he lost control of his emotions

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According to a media release, a man jumps off from the third storey of a HBD flat after he lost control of his emotions for having suspected marriage problem.

The incident happened last night (Jun 29) at Block 826 Tampines Street 81.

The was rush to the hospital after suffering a neck injury sustained from the incident. The man’s mother was seen crying while saying “If there is anything mummy will help you”.

The police were spotted investigating on the scene.

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ho cheng guan 05/07/2020

jumping will not solve the problems want go higher floor idlot because of woman


Userfqak 03/07/2020

Must control or the people around might get hurt


Kwok Hing Yuen 03/07/2020

He is too emotional,fortunately he is survived with neck injury.


Userfpwh 03/07/2020

Aiyo family disputes again think this pandemic has brought nothing but negative energy 🤔😷


Princedino 02/07/2020

Hope he is recovering well.


Userfpwh reply Princedino 03/07/2020

Yalor not worthy rite.. must control one’s temperament.. hope he’ll get well soon 👍