Marvel Releases Mysterious X-Men Teaser

Marvel Releases Mysterious X-Men Teaser

Comic Book·2020-01-17 22:03

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Update: Go HERE for FULL DETAILS about Marvel'sX-Men: Children of the Atom!

Marvel has done a major overhaul on its X-Men properties with the recent "House of X" reboot event, and the "Dawn of X" relaunch that has followed. While we initially got a lineup of six new X-Men books in the Dawn of X line, Marvel Comics has never stopped teasing some bigger events to come in the Dawn of X storyline. In 2020 alone we'll see new books like Wolverine, Giant-Size X-Men, Hellions, X-Factor and X-Corps, not to mention crossover miniseries like X-Men/Fantastic Four. Now Marvel Comics is teasing yet another event comic in the 2020 X-Men line: Children of the Atom!


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