Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Addresses One the Series' Bigger Controversies

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Addresses One the Series' Bigger Controversies

IGN·2021-05-18 06:01

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition updates a lot of elements from the trilogy, some big, some small and one little change addresses one of the series' biggest controversies.Spoilers follow for Mass Effect 3 proceed at your peril!One of the ever-present characters throughout the original Mass Effect trilogy was Tali'Zorah, a quarian party member who like the rest of her race cannot remove her suit and helmet due to an acute risk of disease. That means, throughout the three games, players are never shown what a quarian looks like that is unless players choose to romance Tali.In Mass Effect 3, romancing Tali leads to a scene in which Commander Shephard looks at a photograph of an unmasked Tali. In the original version of the game, fans were disappointed to find that, after all three games, the image was a Photoshopped version of a stock image depicting Miss England '05 winner Hammasa Kohistani. The reaction was strong enough for Tali's photo to make it onto IGN's list of Mass Effect 3 controversies.As part of its many updates, however, the new Legendary Edition has quietly altered the image, now depicting an actual unmasked Tali using in-engine visuals. As pointed out by MaxGoods on Reddit and confirmed by many others, the image shows a very human-looking face (albeit for almost all-white eyes) underneath the quarian helmet.Fans have reacted mostly positively to the change. Superspicycurry37 wrote: "This is the ONE thing I wanted them to change if they were going to change nothing else. I'm glad it was this." Like many, Max_Crultak26 thought the image was perhaps a little too human, but approved of the change: "In my headcanon some quarians are purple or pale red with lines, and others like Tali are purple with freckles (and tree-like lines) But still the image is cool".It's one of many changes many of them formally unannounced made in Legendary Edition, which bundles all three original games together into one huge package. It's so huge that you'll need to wait a little longer for our review. If you're already playing, we have a Mass Effect walkthrough, a Mass Effect 2 walkthrough, and, you guessed it, a Mass Effect 3 walkthrough. If you specifically want to find out how to see the new image of Tali yourself, here's our Mass Effect 3 romance guide.Joe Skrebels is IGN's Executive Editor of News. Follow him on Twitter. Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to


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