Men can wear florals – here’s how

Men can wear florals – here’s how

Yahoo Lifestyle - Style·2024-03-03 06:02

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“Beware of men bearing flowers,” was Muriel Spark’s indispensable advice. Miranda Priestly – the fictional incarnation of Anna Wintour in The Devil Wears Prada – sarcastically called florals for spring “groundbreaking”. But if they’ll permit me, your dutiful, floral-dabbled correspondent would like to make a case for their inclusion in a man’s wardrobe this season. It’s been a particularly long, dark winter, so the emergence of the optimistic shoots of spring is gladdening to the soul. And there’s no reason that all things blooming and florid can’t find a place in the average man’s wardrobe to follow suit. After all, life in greige and navy is a little one note.


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