Migrant worker in s’pore infected with flesh-eating bacteria, most of right leg removed

Migrant worker in s’pore infected with flesh-eating bacteria, most of right leg removed

Singapore Uncensored·2023-09-28 19:26

In a harrowing tale of unexpected health crises, Amjath Khan, a 42-year-old migrant worker in Singapore, finds himself in a desperate struggle against flesh-eating bacteria, according to Berita Harian,

This ordeal has not only taken a toll on his health but also on his finances, with medical bills soaring to a staggering S$100,000 and counting.

The Onset of Amjath Khan’s Nightmare

Amjath Khan’s ordeal began approximately a month ago when he returned from a vacation in India. Little did he know that his life was about to take a devastating turn.

Shortly after his return, he started experiencing a mysterious and excruciating pain in his right leg. Concerned about his health, he sought medical attention near his workplace, where he was diagnosed with gout and prescribed medication.

Despite adhering to the prescribed treatment, Amjath’s condition deteriorated rather than improving. Frustrated and increasingly anxious about his health, he decided to seek a second opinion from another clinic.

A Turn for the Worse

About two weeks ago, Amjath Khan’s situation took a dramatic and terrifying turn. He began to struggle with breathing and noticed severe swelling in his body.

Alarmed by these distressing symptoms, his roommate immediately contacted his workplace director, Simon Kee, who urged them to call for emergency medical assistance.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Amjath received a shocking diagnosis – he was suffering from necrotising fasciitis, a rare and life-threatening infection caused by flesh-eating bacteria. The infection had already spread to other parts of his body, causing severe respiratory distress.

Amjath’s workplace director Simon Kee shared that the bacteria infiltrated Amjath’s body through an open wound, leading to this nightmarish health crisis.

Fighting for Life and Limb

Amjath Khan is currently undergoing treatment at Changi General Hospital (CGH), where medical professionals had to take the drastic measure of removing most of the tissue from his right leg to prevent the infection’s further spread.

However, the financial burden is overwhelming. Medical expenses have skyrocketed to nearly S$100,000, and Amjath’s insurance coverage is limited, offering only up to S$15,000 in support.

A Plea for Help

Recognizing the dire situation that Amjath Khan finds himself in, a migrant workers’ advocate is appealing for financial assistance on his behalf on Facebook. The need is urgent, with an additional S$25,000 required to ensure Amjath’s access to the necessary medical treatments and surgeries.

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