Movie review: I Care A Lot

Movie review: I Care A Lot

The New Paper - Entertainment·2021-02-24 06:07


4/5 stars

Ever since she made audiences cower in fear with her chilling performance in 2014's Gone Girl, I have been waiting for Rosamund Pike to deliver another round of badassery.

Marla Grayson is no psychopathic murderer like Amy Dunne, but she is no less captivating or enigmatic a villain.

Currently showing on Netflix, this thrilling black comedy sees Pike play a shark-like con woman acting as a court- appointed guardian for elderly wards whom she traps in aged homes and whose assets and life savings she drains for herself.

It is a well-oiled grift, and the systemic corruption in this particular industry is compelling fodder in itself.

But complications ensue when her latest wealthy mark (Dianne Wiest) ends up having connections to a volatile Russian mob boss (Peter Dinklage).

It is easy to hate on Marla as she has few redeeming qualities and is doing shockingly unethical things. But Pike's wickedly fun turn will actually make you care about her fate from start to finish - although it will also leave you confused as to whose side you should be on.

Even better is watching how Marla levels up her game when dealing with Dinklage's fellow predator, and all the revenge plotting hurtles towards its inevitable conclusion.


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