Mum shares grim reminder to wash children’s teddies every week

Mum shares grim reminder to wash children’s teddies every week - Lifestyle·2020-12-17 11:00

Gross (Picture: Mums Who Clean)

If your children have teddy bears they love, chances are they take them everywhere.

That means the stuffed animals are teeming with dirt and bacteria.

One mum has urged parents to wash the much-loved toys every week.

Posting on a cleaning Facebook page, the mum showed an after image of her daughter’s stuffed bunnies.

She also showed an image of the murky waters created by strip washing the bunnies.

The Australian mum said she regularly washed the toys but was shocked to see how much dirt had come out since the last clean.

Disgusted by the results, the mum told other parents to wash their children’s teddies every week.

The mum also shared the details of the strip wash she conducted on the bunnies.

Are you cleaning every week? (Picture: Mums Who Clean)

Posting on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, she wrote: ‘Strip washed the kids’ bunnies today. These are cleaned almost weekly in a normal machine wash.’

To strip wash, the mum said you need borax powder, washing soda, washing liquid and boiling water.


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