Names Of Jason Statham Characters, Ranked

Names Of Jason Statham Characters, Ranked

Uproxx - News·2021-02-12 21:00

If there’s one thing I look for in a movie, it’s a lot of action and a character or two with a fun name. Admittedly, this is two things, but that’s the nice thing about Jason Statham movies: you’ll usually end up getting both anyway. Jason Statham movies are the best. Most of them are two hours or less and feature a ridiculous fight scene or action sequence and most of the time his character is named something like Chev Chelios or Terry Leather. I’m not making up either of those. Jason Statham played a character named Terry Leather in The Bank Job. A reasonable argument can be made that he is our greatest living actor. Reasonable to me, at least, which is what matters here because I’m the one writing the article.


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