New game release: Bunny Park gently pads out cycle of improvement

New game release: Bunny Park gently pads out cycle of improvement

The Star Online - Tech·519 views·2020-01-18 09:00

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Swing sets, cabbage patches and butterflies await in a bite-size, laid-back restoration project.

A storm has swept across Bunny Park, leaving a bit of a mess behind and scaring its content, cotton-tailed thumpers away.

Well, a mess is a chance to clean up and rearrange, and Bunny Park has players add plants, paths and decorations until the residence is even better than before.

Success is measured by park popularity, coziness and cuteness, while the baby rabbits and butterfly helpers create a virtuous circle by collecting coins to fund further purchases.

Carrots, lettuce heads and turnips grow to provide hearty and healthy snacks, while flowers, fencing, pathways, hedges and a spread of other decorations spruce the place up.

With 25 different bunnies to find and pet, Bunny Park is about balancing spending, saving, and keeping fluffy pals happy.

The whole thing operates at a gentle pace, as bunnies and butterflies fatten up your wallet on their travels, letting players gradually improve the park's surroundings.

It might not be complex but the cycle of collection, cleaning up, decoration and bunny snuggling is an easy one to slip into.

Bunny Park is available for Windows PC via Steam; its Canadian developer, Éloïse Laroche, also has casual farming simulation Alchemy Story in active development as a playable Early Access project. – AFP Relaxnews

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