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Curious to know which platforms yall use these days other than Shopee!

I used to use Shopee everyday religiously because their spin the wheel and daily coin system was not bad + their shipping fees for $0.10 deals was $0. Not to mention 15% cashback!

But recently on Shopee, it’s been impossible to get coins via the wheel, daily coins incentives has gone down, free shipping for $0.10 GREATLY reduced (look, it’s not worth paying $0.60 shipping for $0.10 item) AND THEIR CASHBACK 15% to 12% to 10% and now its mostly 8% with the rare and occasionally 10-12…

I’ve always stuck with Shopee cuz it’s homegrown but now I’m thinking of going to Lazada (if it has better deals) or just Taobao-ing all my stuff 🙁 Please share if there are other platforms with better deals!

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Depends on what kinda items you want to buy.

I go to Lazada for electronics, household items, and the slightly more expensive purchases, but I only shop at Lazmall because these sellers are verified businesses. Shopee for useless items like the 99c deals. Shein for clothes, shoes, bags etc. And Ezbuy for purchase of multiple items from different sellers at once like on a shopping spree.

taobao is the best other than having to wait for shipping, more options available and i think the app is way easier to use than shopee can collect points with every purchase or doing daily mission too then wait for the 满减活动 that happens every month

Lazada, Qoo10, and AmazonSG are the other major SG ecommerce sites. They’re not as good as Shopee overall I feel, but they all have their own positives that make them stand out from Shopee.

Qoo10 is the only one with 24 month credit card installments (UOB only). Has their own shipping service (Qxpress/Qprime) that is one of the best in SG I feel.

Amazon has very fast next day or same day shipping with Prime ($2.99/month, comes with Prime Video and Twitch Prime, very worth). They also have incredibly generous fuss free returns.

Lazada is the most similar to Shopee but tends to have better discounts and free shipping coupons. UI is more messy through imo, and aftersales service is worse as well. Much more Chinese sellers than Shopee as well.

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