People queuing for Apple iPhone 15, a day earlier till overnight

People queuing for Apple iPhone 15, a day earlier till overnight

Singapore Uncensored·2023-09-23 07:06

In the fast-paced world of technology, few events generate as much excitement as the launch of a new iPhone. On Friday, Sep. 22, 2023, Singapore witnessed the much-anticipated release of the new Apple iPhone 15 models. As expected, queues began to form outside the Apple store in Orchard Road and the Courts outlet at The Heeren on Sep. 21, creating a buzz that rippled through the Lion City.

The Early Birds Catch the iPhone

8world News reported that the iPhone fever hit early in Singapore, with hundreds of eager customers queuing up outside the Courts outlet as early as 4:30 pm on Thursday. Despite an unexpected downpour at around 8 pm, the committed fans waiting in line remained undeterred. A check by Mothership around midnight on Friday revealed a lively scene of people milling about and patiently waiting outside both venues.

A Diverse Crowd

The excitement was not confined to Singaporeans alone. The queue featured a diverse mix of people, including tourists with suitcases from Vietnam, as reported by the Chinese media. Their motivations for joining the line were equally diverse. Some were die-hard Apple fans, eager to get their hands on the latest innovation. Others had a more entrepreneurial agenda; they planned to purchase the new iPhones and sell them back home in Vietnam for a tidy profit—more than 30 per cent higher than the retail price in Singapore.

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Bridging Language Barriers

To ensure seamless communication with the international crowd, the manager of the Courts outlet took a thoughtful step by putting up notices in multiple languages, including Vietnamese, English, and Chinese. This move helped bridge language barriers, making the shopping experience more inclusive for everyone present.

The Social Media Frenzy

The buzz around the iPhone 15 launch extended into the digital realm. A TikTok video posted on Thursday night showcased a queue of several hundred people outside the Orchard Apple store. The clip estimated the crowd at around 300, with some of those in line identified as Vietnamese nationals. Interestingly, the iPhone 15 models were slated for release in Vietnam a week later, which added to the intrigue.


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