Pure Fitness Suntec outlet's abrupt closure leaves netizens frustrated

Pure Fitness Suntec outlet's abrupt closure leaves netizens frustrated

Asia One·2023-09-28 21:00

Over the years, the fitness industry has seen its fair share of unexpected gym closures, often leaving members in a state of surprise and uncertainty.

News of the impending closure of Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness' Suntec City branch broke on social media yesterday (Sept 27).

This prompted personal trainer Leon Tan to share the announcement on his TikTok.

In his 40-second video clip, he shares a screenshot resembling an official notice addressed to the gym's affected members.

@strongertmr Another one bites the dust 😰😮‍💨 #healthy #motivation #singapore #gym #training #nutrition #fitness #diet #news ♬ original sound - Leon / Personal Trainer

We reached out to Pure Fitness Singapore to inquire about the closure.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Pure Fitness Singapore confirmed that the announcement was indeed sent out yesterday at 8pm.

According to their statement, the last day of operation of the Suntec City branch will be on Oct 8, 2023, with Pure Yoga closing at 4.30pm and Pure Fitness at 6pm.

Regarding the decision to close the branch, they cited the evolving business landscape in Singapore as the driving factor, leading them to reallocate their resources so as to optimise their offerings.

For those affected by the closure, the message was reassuring: "Our cardholders can be rest assured that Pure's unique portfolio of locations and facilities throughout Singapore will continue to fully serve their needs."

Following news of the Suntec City branch closure, there are still two operational Pure branches: Ngee Ann City and Asia Square.

In the video shared by Leon, netizens expressed their concerns on the abrupt closure in the comments section.

While some suggested that the closure was down to high rental prices.

Others commented that they found Pure's membership fees a bit costly, mentioning they didn't see anything special about the gym.

Other users emphasised that one shouldn't opt for annual payment and instead consider a monthly membership.

Meanwhile, netizens who appeared to be Pure members expressed frustration, with one user suggesting "a refund for members who do not want to be inconvenienced to relocate to Asia Square or Orchard (Pure's Ngee Ann City branch)".


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