SG girl dunno which guy to choose. High salary or big manhood

SG girl dunno which guy to choose. High salary or big manhood

Singapore Uncensored·2021-02-11 00:01


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A Singaporean girl recently shared her dilemma after dating 2 guys at the same time. She is currently unsure as 1 guy is rich and the other guy has a bigger manhood.


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Jackson Ben 15/02/2021

u can marry the high salary guy thn scandal the big manhood.1 stone 2 birds


LivingItOnce 14/02/2021

That’s what a hoe wld do...! Try first decide later. But again, undecided. Hmmm.... try again lah. Which one performs better.


availability 14/02/2021

Since there's no true love, just throw a dice will do. Just don't date any of my sons thx.


availability reply availability 14/02/2021

And I think sex before marriage and multi sex partners is yucky practice.


userr 14/02/2021

stay single


General X 13/02/2021

Get the rich guy, unsatisfied with his performance. You can still mingle with guy having bigger gun using his money, anyway this isn't your first time. Don't act innocent about this.....