Soul Director Reveals Why Kids Enjoy The Film’s Music

Soul Director Reveals Why Kids Enjoy The Film’s Music

Comic Book·2021-02-19 16:01

The director of Pixar’s Soul revealed why kids seem to be enjoying the music from the movie. Kemp Powers sat down with Jon Batiste for Rolling Stone and discussed the role of Jazz in the film. Now, that kind of music and small children are not usually grouped together. Even acknowledging that fact, Powers and his team set out to prove that something being well-made is all that matters. That passion for a subject transcends any age group and can be seen on multiple levels in life. (Heck, that synopsis probably applies to the film at large too.) So, the Soul team wasn’t intimidated by the idea that they would have to drastically alter their approach to the source material. All Batiste and company have to do is play the hits essentially and everything will work out.


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