Sprouting with springtime joy

Sprouting with springtime joy

The Star Online - Metro·2022-01-14 08:01

THE Chinese New Year brings renewed hope for better days. Queensbay Mall in Penang invites shoppers to embrace this spirit of optimism with its enchanting Symphony of Spring Chinese New Year celebrations.

Bamboo garden

A richly symbolic bamboo garden is the focal point at the mall, providing ample photo-taking opportunities while conveying the mall management’s hope for a better year ahead.

Known for its durability, strength, flexibility and resilience, the bamboo represents longevity in Chinese culture. It survives the harshest of conditions, standing tall and staying green all year round.

It bends with the wind but never breaks. It grows in culms, continuously reaching ever greater heights. This indefatigable spirit is what will see the local community through challenging times.

The celebration theme, Symphony of Spring, also celebrates the sounds that bamboo groves create when winds blow. Described as both music to the ears and rhythm for the soul, the sounds herald the arrival of spring.

To enter the bamboo garden, one must pass through a moon gate.

Once inside, check out the imposing watch tower, or cross the bridge over a lotus pond to find an elegant pavilion. Keep an eye out for graceful cranes.

The lotus flower is considered sacred in many parts of Asia and commonly offered in prayers.


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