The 15 Best Cufflinks To Take Your Look Up a Notch

The 15 Best Cufflinks To Take Your Look Up a Notch

Esquire-Style·2022-12-30 15:00


It's all in the details, baby. And in the world of menswear, the details are, undeniably, cufflinks.

Cufflinks are the final puzzle piece of an impeccably put-together formal look, the cherry on top, the difference between a good look and a great one. If you're wearing a suit or tux with a French-cuff shirt, cufflinks aren't just a bonus but a necessity. They're what you need to keep those cuffs together. But they're about more than function; the right pair will mature and elevate your look. Call it sophistication in just two little pieces of metal. Having at least one go-to pair of cufflinks on hand (pun intended) will take you off the path of last-minute, hectic scrambling to look nice, and put you on the easy, paved road to impeccable style. So invest in a pair of cufflinks that suits you—whether simple, bold, silver, or gold, the cufflink is truly man's best friend.


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