The Allegations Against Marilyn Manson: A Timeline

The Allegations Against Marilyn Manson: A Timeline

Uproxx - News·2021-02-12 21:00

Evan Rachel Wood seemingly opened the floodgates when she recently came forward to name ex-partner Brian Warner, a.k.a., “Marilyn Manson,” as her alleged abuser, who she accused of terrorizing her during their relationship, which apparently began in 2007 (when she was 18 and he was 36) and ended in 2010. In doing so, Wood accused Manson of both “grooming” and “horrifically” abusing her, but this wasn’t the beginning of the allegations against Manson. Yes, it’s true that the accusations are now intensifying, yet this wasn’t Manson’s first alleged (horrible) rodeo. Let’s run down the timeline of allegations against the disgraced singer, who’s now experiencing a career freefall.


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