The Search For The REAL Real Mr. Miyagi

The Search For The REAL Real Mr. Miyagi

Uproxx - News·2021-02-12 21:00

This month sees the release of More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story, an intimate portrait of Japanese-American comedian-turned-actor Pat Morita, who had an interesting life beyond playing Mr. Miyagi in all those The Karate Kid movies. In 2015, there was the lesser known The Real Miyagi, about a similarly interesting Yokohoman karate master namd Fumio Demura, who did Morita’s stunt work in the same films. What both of those films fail to mention is that there was a real person who, like the fictional character of Mr. Miyagi, was named Miyagi, a karate master, an Okinawan, and a World War II hero.


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