Tito Ortiz Is Getting Clowned on After First Round Knockout From Anderson Silva

Tito Ortiz Is Getting Clowned on After First Round Knockout From Anderson Silva

Comic Book·2021-09-12 13:01

Tonight's Triller Fight Club included two matches on the card with legendary figures returning to the ring, and those two matches included Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz. Many were curious as to who would win between Ortiz and Silva, and those who watched the match didn't have to wait long, as we got an answer before the first round was even over. As the match started, Ortiz looked ready and fully charged, throwing lots of punches, but things changed quickly, and all it took was one big punch from Silva to claim the victory, and reactions are flying in.

If you watched the match, you could see that while Ortiz was throwing a flurry of punches, many of them weren't actually connecting with Silva. They were in front of, above, or below, but he wasn't actually hitting Silva that much. When Silva connected however, he hit paydirt.

After an exchange where Ortiz is throwing punches at Silva in the corner and keeping him pinned, Silva throws a huge right that connects on the side of Ortiz's head. That clearly rang Ortiz's bell, as Silva threw another punch only for the referee to stop him as Ortiz went falling hard to the ground.

The match was called with 28 seconds left in the round, and you can see the final blow in the post above. You can check out the reactions flying in starting on the next slide.

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