Warner Bros. Celebrates Dwayne McDuffie With Documentary

Warner Bros. Celebrates Dwayne McDuffie With Documentary

Comic Book·2021-02-23 13:01

Warner Bros. is celebrating the life ofDwayne McDuffie with a documentary called A League of One: The Dwayne McDuffie Story. With the 10th anniversary of his passing yesterday, fans from all over shared their love for a creator who revamped the entire DC Animated Universe slate. Static Shock recently hit HBO Max to near-universal approval. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are always highly regarded. Ben 10 has been on longer than some of the fans have been alive now. So, it's safe to say McDuffie had an outsized impact on the DC Comics landscape. That is nothing to say about the young artists, writers, and creators who loved those programs and work toward including diverse characters and viewpoints like he did. So, it’s a nice gesture and hopefully, fans can take some time to watch the documentary.


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