Wife pissed as mother in law speak canto in M’sian accent to child

Wife pissed as mother in law speak canto in M’sian accent to child

Singapore Uncensored·2020-08-14 12:10

An unreasonable wife complained on Facebook recently on how her mother in law has made her life miserable. She felted even more pissed as her father in law is also intended to come to Singapore from Malaysia after the corona pandemic ends. She would rather her mother in law returns to Malaysia ASAP and never return to Singapore again.


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StevenT 19/08/2020

Stop complaining, you will be someone mother in law one day


JustSayingSG 18/08/2020

B#@$, stop complaining, next time when you become mother in law then you know how karma works, really pathetic Singapore Auntie!


Lew Yih Shiou 17/08/2020

Different people different thinking


Nutella 17/08/2020

family with proper upbringing will always teach the daughter to wash their own undies after certain age, be glad she's helping to do ur hsework, take care of ur kid n even cook for u instead of expecting u to serve her


Userevz1 17/08/2020

The writer of this article needs to go back to study English. There are so many grammatical mistakes that one wonders if the writer had just used Google Translate for every sentence. 🤣🤣🤣