Woman denied entry into mall, then sneezed on guard on purpose

Woman denied entry into mall, then sneezed on guard on purpose

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A Taiwanese woman who was denied entry into Ion Orchard because she wasn’t wearing a mask, deliberately sneezed at the security guard in retaliation.

The woman then said: “You get it? You get it already!”

She then whipped her passport out of her bad and exclaimed: “I am China, I am Taiwan!”

A closed circuit television camera captured the incident, and Sun left the premises soon after.

The woman, who is here on a long-term pass, pleaded guilty in court earlier today (June 30) to one count of performing a rash act and an unrelated harassment charge.

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Florence Foo 05/07/2020

cannot let her go wo fine or jail


similaeh reply Florence Foo 05/07/2020

totally agreed.. also cannot because got mental issue to get away


Userfpwh 02/07/2020

Crazy lady shd be fine heavily n jailed for such actions in a pandemic like this 😤😷


Sally 0410 02/07/2020

we are talking about safety n containing the virus.


crisxyroy 01/07/2020

Good News Good News Good News


HB Burgar 01/07/2020

I hope the judge do not denied her entry to Changi Prison Mall where she can sneeze at the warden guard for a few months.


Userfpwh reply HB Burgar 02/07/2020

Shd be cane too 👏