Xiao di di & xiao mei mei caught on video touching each other in public

Xiao di di & xiao mei mei caught on video touching each other in public

Singapore Uncensored·2020-11-23 00:00


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Source: Singapore Uncensored reader

A video was recently shared by a Singapore Uncensored reader which shows a young boy and a young girl touching each other in public.


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Sanshine 27/11/2020

When they undergo developmental stages of adolescence, they become curious and yearn for physical contact which will then escalate to physical intimacy. Have heard so much about secondary school girls - from good and neighbourhood schools; from girls schools and mixed schools, that they have physical intimacy with boys/men. Some girls have more than 1 sleeping partner. Some girls would boast and share intimate details. Imagine these girls are only secondary school students but they are engaging in physical intimacy with boys/men whom may not be their life partner.


BlackRaven 27/11/2020

the problem with the young too desperate to try...scared die early never get to taste sex...then the video fu....cant u stop them.....u take video then later post it somewhere else..bloody idiot atleast stop them from doing such thing...to the couple yes ex is all nice at the first place but when u responsible to be the father sure u will left the girl..no reponsiibilities...wake up lah...if really in love get married and continue study..to the video man u chi ko p..


sunflower 0608 27/11/2020

As a human, anyone can't resist the needs. But please don't anyhow do in a public space please, you are not an animal. 要发情也请去山上,森林还是hotel。


Userfrqy 27/11/2020

Both look like students & won't be surprised they just knew & met each other.


Userfrqy 26/11/2020

Oh goodness, their faces almost in full view, their clothes, so easy to identify them. How to face family, parents, school mates, teachers .... so embarrassing