iPad Pro 2021 massively limits how much RAM apps can use, apparently

iPad Pro 2021 massively limits how much RAM apps can use, apparently

TechRadar·2021-05-29 06:01

If you were wondering whether its worth shelling out on a 1TB or 2TB iPad Pro 2021 in order to get the extra RAM (16GB rather than 8GB) the answer right now is probably no, as you reportedly wont be able to make much use of it.According to Procreate (a digital art app), all of the iPad Pro 2021 models make the same amount of RAM available to individual apps, regardless of how much RAM they actually have built in.Procreate doesnt say how much RAM that is, but in the replies to the companys tweet other users have claimed that theres 5GB available.As of now, all M1 iPads have the same amount of RAM available. If more becomes available in the future, well make that available to you too 💜May 28, 2021So whats the point of opting for a model with 16GB? Well, beyond the fact that these ones also come with more storage, that extra RAM can be used to keep apps in memory, so you can swap between them quickly if youre multi-tasking. But for single app use you seemingly wont experience any more power from a 16GB iPad Pro 2021 than from an 8GB one.However, that could change in the future, as this limitation is a software one, so Apple could theoretically update iPadOS to allow you to make use of more RAM.The company is never likely to allow a single app to use all the RAM (after all, it needs some for the operating system), but theres plenty to spare on the 16GB iPad Pro 2021 models, so we wouldnt be surprised if they get a boost at some point.Of course, most users probably wouldnt be able to tell the difference anyway. Currently access to that extra RAM would probably only real help with things like heavy duty video editing, or using hundreds of layers in art apps like Procreate. For general use and even high-end gaming, the iPad Pro 2021 already has all the power you need.Via 9to5Mac


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